Commit f62144e6 authored by Pedro M. Baeza's avatar Pedro M. Baeza Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #75 from hbrunn/master-update_module_names-delelte_xmlid

[FIX] when renaming/deleting a module, rename/delete its xmlid
parents 661ade20 fc189c27
......@@ -754,6 +754,12 @@ def update_module_names(cr, namespec, merge_modules=False):
if merge_modules:
query = "DELETE FROM ir_module_module WHERE name = %s"
logged_query(cr, query, [old_name])
"DELETE FROM ir_model_data WHERE module = 'base' "
"AND model='ir.module.module' AND name = %s",
('module_%s' % old_name,),
def add_ir_model_fields(cr, columnspec):
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