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Explain "xotl" in the doc. Be consistent about the gender (f.) of Gravity.

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......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ splitting a single model in several classes; now I'm coming back to Django,
and I need more or less the same without complicating the DB layout or
disrupting the Universe with microclusters of services.
In its own way, Gravity is my attempt to unify all those years of experience
In her own way, Gravity is my attempt to unify all those years of experience
without tying myself to be kept into a single framework, many of which are
suitable only for a small part of the possible architectures.
......@@ -52,6 +52,19 @@ benefits of incremental static typing.
Best of luck!
What is this "xotl" stuff before "gravity"?
'xotl' is both a namespace for many of the packages done by `Merchise
Autrement`_, and a word in Nahualt_. It seams to have
`different<>`_ `meanings
<>`_; although we selected it because
we found it meant 'foundation' or 'base'. According to most sources I can
find now, it is pronounced like 'chotl'; however, it seems that 'x' in Nahualt
was also pronounced like an 'h' (I've told that's why México is pronounced
like 'Mehico' in most Spanish speaking countries), so we pronounce 'xolt' like
'hotl' (quite hot, isn't it?)
......@@ -81,3 +94,12 @@ Indices and tables
.. _Gravity:
.. _Odoo:
.. _Ruby on Rails:
.. _Nahualt:
.. _Merchise Autrement:
.. [#spanish-neutral-gender] Spanish does have a neutral gender, but as far as
I know, is always attached to pronouns like 'eso' or 'aquello'; nouns are
always either feminine or masculine.
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